ROM Full Form in Computer Ram and Rom full form

ROM Full Form: Ram and Rom Full Form—what is ROM in the computer?

The full name of ROM is read-only memory. ROM is a type of non-volatile memory. Non-volatile memory retains data even when the computer is turned off. ROM is installed in the computer at the time of computer manufacturing.

ROM Full Form

The ROM full form is “Read Only Memory”. The special thing about ROMs is that no change can be made to the data stored in them. There is an example of a program named ‘Basic Input Output System’ (BIOS), in which, when the computer is on, all its inputs are monitored and controlled by the input and output devices.

There are three types of ROM:

  1. PROM
    2. E-PROM
    3. E-EPROM


Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM is a type of permanent memory. PROM is also known as an OTP (One Time Programmable) chip. In PROM memory, a program can be stored only once, but it can neither be erased nor changed. PROM is mainly used in microcontroller video games, medical devices, high-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), etc.


The full form of e-PROM is Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. The e-Prom is a non-volatile memory chip. E-Prom is also known as Ultraviolet E-Prom. Data can be erased or rewritten in E-PROM. Data in E-PROM is erased by ultraviolet light.


The full name of E-E PROM is Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. E-e PROM is a type of fixed memory. It is a non-volatile memory chip, which is used to store small amounts of data in a computer.

No other device is required to delete or modify the program stored on the E-E PROM. Also known as e-prom flash memory. It is mainly used in research. Flash memory is a portable semiconductor memory. In which the features of both RAM and ROM are present.

ROM Full Form – Read Only Memory
RAM Full Form – Random Access Memory
PROM Full Form – Programmable Read-Only Memory
E-PROM Full Form – Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
E-EPROM Full Form – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

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