RAM Full Form in Computer

RAM Full Form: What is RAM in a computer? What is RAM in full form? What are the types of RAM? There are two types of RAM: (i) Dynamic RAM and (ii) Static RAM

RAM Full Form

RAM Full Form is ‘Random Access Memory’. RAM is the main memory of the computer. RAM is a type of volatile memory. Data stored in volatile memory is lost when the computer or PC is turned off. When it comes to the memory of a computer, laptop, multimedia mobile, etc. It usually refers to RAM.

RAM Full Form

RAM is also called the base memory of the computer. The process of copying the data present in RAM to the hard disk is called saving.

There are two types of RAM-

(i) Dynamic RAM

(ii) Static RAM

Dynamic RAM

Dynamic means dynamic. If 20 data are collected in dynamic RAM and then the middle two data are erased, then all the remaining data automatically move to the middle space and the middle space is used. It happens.

Static RAM

The data collected is located in the static RAM. If the data is stored in static RAM and then the middle two figures are erased from it, then no data slips in the empty space between those data. That free space cannot be used until a fresh operation is made to ‘wash’ the entire memory.

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