DVD Full Form in Computer

DVD Full Form: What is a DVD? Difference Between DVD and CD, Advantages and Disadvantages of DVD

What is a DVD?

DVD Full Form is a digital-versatile disc. DVD is an optical disk technology that is used to store large amounts of data. Some DVDs are used to store audio and video, while others are used to store software and computer files.

DVDs were developed together in 1995 by Panasonic, Philips, and Toshiba.

The storage capacity of DVDs ranges from 4.7 GB to 17.08 GB. Its single-sided, single layer has a capacity of 4.7 GB and single-sided, double layer has a capacity of 8.5 GB, double-sided, single layer has 9.4 GB and double-sided, double layer has a capacity of up to 17.08 GB. Is. DVD can store more amount of data than CD. And MPEG-2 compression is used in this.

The weight (weight) of DVD is up to 16 g (gram). It is mostly used to store movies. In this we can store 2 hours high quality movie.

There are many layers in a DVD which are made of plastic and the thickness of each layer is 1.2 mm (millimeter).

DVD Full Form in Computer

DVD Full Form is Digital Versatile Disc.

  • D — Digital
  • V — Versatile
  • D — Disc

Difference Between DVD and CD

  • MPEG-2 compression is used in DVD while MPEG-1 compression is used in CD. MPEG-2 compression is a higher level of compression than MPEG-1, due to which the video quality in DVD is better.
  • DVD can store twice the amount of data as compared to CD.
  • The resolution of CD is very less as compared to DVD, CD has HD resolution of 85000 pixels while DVD has 2 million pixels.

Advantage of DVD

Its benefits are as follows;-

1) Its storage capacity is very high, that means it can store more data. It can store data up to a maximum of 17.08.

2) It is portable, which means it can be taken anywhere easily.

3) Video and sound quality is very good in this.

4) It is very cheap.

5) DVD drive which can also read CD.

Disadvantage of DVD

Its disadvantages are as follows.

1) We cannot run it in CD drive.

2) There is no single standard for this.

3) They get scratched easily due to which it gets damaged.

4) Burning software is required to store the data in it.

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